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Surprise Hair Randy
Free stuff first:
Fish tanks: 40 Gal Tall, 10 Gal, 2 bowls.
Down comforter (twin? full? double? queen? I would have to take it out to tell)
Treadle sewing machine
Cast iron saucepan with lid and wooden handle (needs minor rust cleanup)
A few P3/P4 era PCs.
11" flush-mount light fixture nutmeg finish tea stained glass - new in box, 1/2 of a 2-piece set
Pioneer LaserDisc & CD player, worked when last used.
3 inkjet printers - Used, probably all function in some fashion, intended to scrap for motor & rail combos
200GB 3.5" IDE Drive
40GB 3.5" IDE Drive
27" CRT TV, S-Video/Composite/SCART inputs only, old and we couldn't kill it.
2 GameCubes - how did I not get rid of these already?
2 12"(I think) TVs, one pink, one black - don't ask.
1 Leading Edge Grey Scale VGA monitor (640x480 only)
Bionare digital console humidifier with air filtration 10 gallon (small console, not tabletop)
TiVo Series 1 DVR - No subscription, basic schedule recording only, might need a drive replacement, or just reformat, I don't recall.
Original Xbox, works fine, still has my Xbox Live account linked, oops.

Things that might be nice to get money for:

Little Buddy charcoal tabletop grill - New in Box
Pressure washer (gas-powered) needs new hose, bought it used and tried to use it without replacing the hose - once, was okay, but you should replace hose.
Toshiba Series 2 TiVo with DVD Recorder & TiVo Lifetime Subscription ($300 subscription value)
TiVo Series 3 with TiVo Lifetime Subscription ($300 subscription value)
Pioneer DVR-210 Standalone DVD Recorder

Holler if you want some stuff, or want me to give you more info on any of it. Feel free to mock us for our packrat tendencies!

Dear LiveJournal Friends.

Surprise Hair Randy
I still love you all. Don't despair, after Penguicon is over, I get to use social media again! So in a couple of weeks, I will actually start reading LiveJournal again.

Being ConChair is a lot of work.

PS, feel free to let me know in the comments if I've missed anything in the last few months here on LJ (or Facebook, or the news...), I'll read them right away, promise!

Meme sheep.

Surprise Hair Randy
My Valentinr - rbradakis
Get your own valentinr

But you know what, don't forget to tell people that you appreciate them all the time.

Really? WTF People?!

Surprise Hair Randy
Do you not understand the concept of a prescribed course of antibiotics? The rise of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria in the world is caused by bacteria that are only lightly dosed with an antibiotic and survives! When they do that in your body, you're still carrying around a version of the same sickness with a higher tolerance for what you were taking.

I truly cannot understand the mindset of otherwise intelligent people that only take part of a course of antibiotics. You're not killing them all! You're breeding them stronger! That's why they always have "Don't stop taking this just because you're feeling better" label on them.


Mini Maker Faire, Woo Hoo! I'm going!

Surprise Hair Randy
WHAT: Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire
WHERE: Washtenaw Farm Council Fairgrounds
5055 Ann Arbor Saline Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48103
WHEN: Saturday, Aug. 29 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
HOW MUCH: Free!!!

Local "Makers" will demonstrate robots, bookbinding, electric vehicles, computer-controlled machinery, high-altitude balloons, vortex cannons, and other projects, devices, and inventions at the first Ann Arbor "Mini" Maker Faire, Saturday August 29, at the Washtenaw Farm Council Fairgrounds. Visitors can silkscreen their own t-shirt and learn to solder by making their own "Wee Blinky" electronic circuit to take home. Admission, parking, and all activities are free. Over 25 different groups and individuals from the Ann Arbor and surrounding area are scheduled to exhibit.
Surprise Hair Randy
Come and play with us!

We're heading over to the hotel tonight to visit with our friends and get food into the consuite.

I'm pretty sure if you've been reading my LJ for the past couple months, you know about
Construct already. We'd love to have you come spend the weekend in the hotel with us, having a good time.

A weekend of hanging out (and since several meals and beverages and beer and cider will be included with our very nice consuite, there will clearly be eating) playing games (board, video, Rock Band), swimming, SMOF-panels, bidding for Fun Grants by AASFA, talking with fellow fans about everything under the sun.

But mostly it's about relaxing with friends.

(And right now, it's about me getting my paid work done, break is over!)

P.S. - here is the poll What's your reason for coming to Construct?


Week off from Construct Wednesday!

Surprise Hair Randy
After a weekend of having garage sale and then going out to the Construct hotel on Thursday, we would have to be complete idiots to also host a Wednesday night gathering with all the work that entails, too.

So, sorry about that, peeps, we'll probably host again next week, but we need the night off.

Construct Wednesday Gathering at the Castle

Surprise Hair Randy
It's a Wednesday night gathering! (And it isn't just for people going to Construct.)

It's Mexican food night. Bring something that adds to the food or drink supply. Bring yourself, bring a friend!

What is a relaxacon but people hanging out talking and doing what they like? That's what Wednesdays at the Castle are all about, too. Fun with friends, and people that aren't yet your friends. Relaxing and chatting, maybe crafting things if we're feeling it.

As always, email or message me if you need directions.
Surprise Hair Randy
Access Forbidden
You've been temporarily banned from accessing LiveJournal, perhaps because you were hitting the site too quickly. Please make sure that you're following our Bot Policy. If you have questions, contact us at with the following information:

Um, really? I replied to one LJ entry I had open in a tab from last night, closed another tab that I replied to last night, and attempted to load my friends page. All about 2 minutes apart. Very nice algorithm on your bot detect, guys, very nice.

But on the bright side, the month of insanity in my life with way too much work in my professional, volunteer and personal life all at once is winding down a tiny bit. I might get to do my taxes, even!

Really though, the important thing is that I hope to spend a little bit of time playing with my children. (And a little bit of time playing with my wife and friends in a little more adult fashion, yay!)
Surprise Hair Randy
How about instead I tell you some things about me?

Tuesdays, I like to leave the house without an umbrella.
The hair on my body is made from hand-harvested snurkle whiskers.
My tears heal 1d10.
By willpower alone, I sustain the life-force of one-tenth of the people that you know.
I own one hundred times as many shoes as you are currently imagining.
My friends-list is made entirely of people that should be ruling the world.

If you feel like sharing one word about me, you can do that. Because I am not currently forcing you not to with the almighty power of my spleen.

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